Advertise your business on Google

Did you know that over 90% of Google’s revenue ($50 billion in 2012) comes from Google Advertising? 


Advertising your business in Google is a powerful tool which can help you reach new customers who are searching for products or services like yours. Grow sales and maximize return on investment by targeting your ads to a relevant audience on search engines, websites and mobile devices. "Showing" Ads is free and you pay Google for only clicks and traffic to your website. 

Whether you spend $5 or $300 per month, you see immediate results, detailed web behavior analytics and get expert advice and support. And you can decide to increase, reduce or stop your advertising on the same day with no commitment.

Our recent client successes include a herbal product e-Commerce site that spends just $5 a day and has found repeat customers in Poland! A non-Profit has launched a large campaign for public awareness with a budget of $300/day. 

Don’t Miss Out

Our Google Guru- and Marketing Professor Dr. Subroto Roy can help you show your Ads on Google to your prospective customers. We provide you detailed Analytic reports of who visits your website, how they behave and how you can convert them into loyal customers. To help you get started we also provide a $100 Google AdWords Coupon. 

To understand what Google can do for your business or non-profit...

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About Dr. Roy

Dr. Subroto Roy has extensive academic and industry experience in Innovation, Digital Marketing and Supply Chain and is Founder and President of his consulting firm StratoServe LLC a Google Partner. Dr. Roy is a Marketing Professor at the University of New Haven and was a Visiting Scholar at Yale University School of Management. Dr. Roy’s students have helped over 45 small businesses and nonprofits with Google AdWords in recent years. In January 2014, Dr. Roy will teach a new MBA class on “Digital Marketing Strategy” at the new Orange Connecticut Campus of the University of New Haven.