Strategy & Consultations

Each company culture is unique, posing its own problems and opportunities. We need to know our clients: their structure, ambitions, successes, and failures. This is the first step in designing them new products and services with impact.

Researching the competitive landscape raises valuable questions: Are competitors creating content and experiences for communities that our clients have overlooked? How have they articulated their message, and is it resonating? Put simply, we want to see what’s good, what’s bad, and find ways to add in more of the good and less of the bad.

We take a long term digital marketing strategy approach that includes thorough business analysis. A digital strategy is the process of deploying select online initiatives to help realise your business objectives, opportunities and vision. It can include a combination of several initiatives - from workshop planning to email marketing - the challenge is identifying which initiatives and how they can best achieve those goals.

The digital world has been re-architected around people, whose profiles, content, and network of connections increasingly travel with them from site-to-site, location-to-location. In this environment technology is important but an understanding of people is primary: what they want, what they expect, and how we can give them more.

Web 2.0 laid the foundation for an Internet where everyone is now a cultural curator and critic. This means if nobody is writing, talking, or tweeting about what a company is doing, it might as well not exist online. We plan for propagation, identifying the networks, bloggers, and media channels most likely to be receptive to our client’s message and best equipped to spread it.