Design & Development

We design websites that allow users to meet their goals fluidly and intuitively. This is possible because we only hire high-empathy designers, but it also has a lot to do with process: we create Personas to communicate the expectations of different user groups. Web development generally refers to the non-design elements of building web sites. Web development covers coding, system integration and making sure interactive elements function as design, usability and accessibility requirements demand.

Generally, a website becomes our client’s main communication platform, and it’s essential they feel they can change this website over time to reflect all the new, exciting stuff they’re doing. Our Content Management Systems (CMS) enable clients to publish, edit, and delete entire sections of content--and we make smart use of versioning so nothing is ever lost.

The digital world has been re-architected around people, whose profiles, content, and network of connections increasingly travel with them from site-to-site, location-to-location. In this environment technology is important but an understanding of people is primary: what they want, what they expect, and how we can give them more.

It starts and ends with your customers. For them to buy online from you requires trust; it requires assurance that your website and business are reputable and that they can exchange securely and safely.

We know that an online presence means more to business than just an Internet brochure. Our custom web applications and other business support systems are designed to improve the effectiveness of practically any facet of your business. To gain a competitive advantage, you must continually integrate the latest e-business technology into your present strategies.

If you want to keep users happy, give them space, give them control, and do not disturb them, especially not with bugs and glitches that can ruin the perception of an otherwise elegant and functional website. Our team blankets our client's websites, creating testable scenarios that confirm all pages and content load as they should, forms are submitted, and the user experience is fluid and uninterrupted.

We work hard to create systems that will be easy for our clients to learn and maintain. To make sure our clients are comfortable with the system, we create a training package for each project, based on that project's scope, technology, and the clients' technical level. A training package can include text, graphical and/or video tutorials, one-on-one training, or training meetings with groups of staff.